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Elizabethtown movie places in odessa

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His mother is manically attempting self-improvement to compensate for the loss of her husband. Claire suddenly appears at the hotel, claiming Drew's needs for help outweigh her needs for a tropical vacation. They tour various parts of Kentucky and she helps him at the funeral home, picking out the urn and keeping Drew emotionally on track. During a post-dinner discussion with the older family, Drew sees the stovetop flame and panics about the cremation.

Rushing to the funeral home, he is too late to stop his father's cremation. Solemn, he takes the urn back to the hotel, where Claire has crashed the bachelorette party. Things lead to their obvious physical conclusion in his hotel room, but Drew is still wrapped up in his job and self-pity and they part on strained terms. Hollie and Heather arrive for the service, and Hollie, with newfound self-confidence, makes a breakthrough with the family with a standup comedy routine and a farewell tap dance to Mitch.

Claire arrives, and tells Drew to take a final trip with his father, giving him a binder box with customized itineraries and mix CDs for the road trip. Drew follows Claire's map home, spreading his father's ashes at memorable destinations along the way until he reaches the "World's Second Largest Farmer's Market" in Nebraska.

There, a series of notes and clues gives him a choice: to either follow the map home or to go in a new direction, searching for the "girl in the red hat. Themes[ edit ] On a second viewing of the movie, Roger Ebert makes the observation that the film is really a hidden story of an angel who has fallen from grace.

Claire, the angel, is met in the heavens the empty plane and has decided to guide Drew through his depression, suicidal thoughts and redeem himself from failure. Character names, the corporation, etc. Drew has to redeem and cleanse himself from working with the devil. Claire also needs to make the choice to remain on Earth at the end.

However, Claire shortly re-enters Drew's life. Talking things through, Drew decides to remain firm on the cremation of his Father, and Claire helps him pick out an Urn for his Father, Mitch. She also provides him with a videotape that ends up quelling Samson's noisy tantrums. However, at the last minute, Drew decides to not have his Father cremated, but it's too late. Afterwards, Drew and Claire share an intimate evening together, before Drew confesses to Claire about his 'failure' with Mercury Shoes.

Claire simply tells Drew to stop feeling sorry for himself, and that as a creative person, he should just keep on going. Finally, the day of Mitch's memorial service is at hand. At the last minute, Heather and their Mother Hollie have decided to attend. A number of Mitch's family and friends speak, before Hollie stands up and introduces herself.

After giving a humorous anecdote about life as a widow, she then does an interpretive tap-dance to her husband's memory, much to the delight of the Baylors. Drew steps out for a moment, and finds himself face-to-face with Claire, who has brought a present for him: a kit for his road trip back home to Oregon. However, before they can say anymore, Drew's cousin Jessie takes to the stage with his band, playing the song 'Freebird' in tribute to Mitch.

However, a papier-mache bird ends up catching fire and setting off the sprinkler systems, sending everyone scrambling from the meeting place. The next day, a funeral is held in the place of Mitch's burial plot, with mementos of Mitch put in the casket. Once services end, Drew begins his road trip, following the CD's and instructions that Claire has outlined.

Along the way, Drew sprinkles Mitch's ashes at various locations. Drew chooses the second choice, and finds Claire at the market.

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Oct 25,  · Choose a Movie. E. 42nd Street. Odessa, TX Check on Google Maps. () Promotions. Regal Crown Club. More Rewards Your Way! 10/27/ · Elizabethtown, KY Main Phone: Movie Times: Click here for directions! Theatre Features ALD/CC Devices Available Stadium Missing: odessa. Oct 28,  · THE TICKET HOLDER ASSUMES ALL RISK AND DANGERS INCIDENTAL TO ATTENDING A MOVIE AT A THEATRE INCLUDING SPECIFICALLY (BUT NOT .