5e etheral plane
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5e etheral plane

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The Deep Ethereal Finding the edge of the Deep Ethereal requires 1d10 days of travel or the use of a spell like teleport. The Deep Ethereal resembles the borderlands, but instead of randomly rolling mists, the ectoplasmic fog of the Deep Ethereal spins in a vast, eternal cyclone. The Deep Ethereal is mostly a featureless expanse of fog dotted with secret chests and pocket planes tethered to locations on the Material Plane. It is infinite in extent.

Hazards Apart from the ghosts that throng the mists the Ethereal Plane is relatively safe for travellers. The major threat is getting lost. A high Survival skill or items like a planar compass, however, prevent this. When this force dissipates, when the magic missile detonates or the forcecage collapses, its energy is absorbed by the ectoplasm. Tiny fragments of force-charged ectoplasm float through the mists, slowly gathering together into crackling chains of energy. Charged ether looks like a bank of fog with flashes of lightning constantly erupting in its depths.

Ethereal creatures, being made of ectoplasm, can float through charged ether safely without discharging it. However, if a creature from the Material Plane touches the charged ether or comes within 60 feet of it, the ether fires violent bolts of force at the creature. Charged ether deals 2d6 points of damage Constitution save, DC 11 for half damage.

It will discharge at items from the Material Plane as well as creatures, so a character could discharge a patch of charged ether by shooting arrows at it. Ethereal creatures often form charged ether into ethereal mines or other defences against corporeal invaders. Etheric Influenza The dank mists and chill, clinging ectoplasm of the Ethereal Plane commonly give rise to illnesses.

Etheric influenza is the most common of these, where the lungs become partially filled with the ethereal mists. A character must make a Constitution save DC 8 after every day in which he spends more than two hours on the Ethereal Plane. The character can also dimly perceive ethereal creatures Wisdom Perception check, DC 17 required.

The onset of a coagulation is heralded by a sound of creaking, as strands of stiffening ectoplasm rub against each other. This creaking lasts for 2d4 rounds before the coagulation begins and the Wisdom Perception DC to notice this creaking is equal to the number of rounds x 4.

The coagulation solidifies all mist within a radius of 6d6 x 10 feet, beginning at the centre of the affected area and expanding at a rate of 1d8 x 10 feet per round. Any character caught by the expanding edge of the coagulation must make a Dexterity save DC 12 ; a character who succeeds is moved to the edge of the coagulation, one who fails is stuck. The coagulation blocks planar travel, so a trapped character cannot plane shift out, or even return to the Material Plane when an ethereal jaunt runs out.

Ghosts and ethereal creatures usually just wait for the coagulation to dissolve, but characters who need food and water cannot wait so long. A character can dig through one foot of coagulated ectoplasm in eight hours; it has an AC of 19 and 30 hit points per inch of thickness. Usually, they dissipate normally, but some endure for centuries.

These ghost towns attract the discarded, wraiths and other ethereal creatures, and the memory-absorbing qualities of ectoplasm cause the denizens to copy the actions of the inhabitants of the real counterpart of the town. Travellers encounter copies of long-vanished villages or temples, filled with mindless undead who mimic the appropriate actions of the original.

These cenotaphs can be useful shelters for travellers lost in the Deep Ethereal. However, at the heart of every cenotaph is a dread wraith see Core Rulebook III who rules the cenotaph, taking on the role of the local authority figure. It can feed on the fragments of memory inherent in the cenotaph, but also uses the cenotaph to lure unwary travellers. Locations There are few permanent features amid the rolling ectoplasmic mists.

The Eye At the centre of the Deep Ethereal is a huge whirlpool, a shining white portal dozens of miles wide that leads to the Afterworld. It was created to gather up all the errant ghosts that linger on the Ethereal Plane. Four Colossal Psychopomps named Aadon, Barus, Chal and Escah guard the portal from interference and block living creatures from passing through the whirlpool. Of the four guardians, Barus is the most diligent.

Aadon and Escah have both tired of their task; Aadon spends decades at a time sleeping, while Escah has long since abandoned his post and now rules a demiplane inhabited by lizardmen. Chal is still dutiful, but her heart is easily swayed by a sufficiently sorrowful or heroic need to access the Afterworld Diplomacy check, DC The four psychopomps are not the only danger to travellers heading for the Eye.

Vast shoals of ethereal marauders surround the eye, feeding on the discarded that are sucked into the whirlpool. There is little sustenance in such things, so a traveller will be attacked by dozens of hungry marauders as he approaches the Eye. The tabards allow the wearer to move from the Ethereal to the Material Plane at will, but only if at least four other tabards are making the same journey at the same location and time.

The tabards are made in groups of five, and the knights move between the planes as one. The warren looks like the intestines of some monstrous beast , as it is full of pulsing chambers and spasming orifices. A constant stream of filchers swarm in and out of the warren; entering the warren laden with the spoils of their thievery, they leave empty-handed.

The warren is an almost incomprehensible maze, organised according to the most curious of principles. The filchers scurry in and deposit their stolen items in the appropriate chamber, but the criteria they use are unknown. A character exploring the warren of the filchers could find almost any item imaginable, but the search would be both lengthy and frustrating.

Over ten thousand filchers occupy the warren at any one time. Other beings may also reside in the Outer Planes. Certain races that came to be in the far reaches of the Astral Plane or deep space, such as the githyanki, make their homes here, while others were created or formed with the planes themselves. Lastly, the souls of mortal beings find their final resting places among one of the many Outer Planes.

Gods will lay claim to a soul based on the way that they lead their life. Goblins, for example, are often claimed by Maglubiyet to fight in his eternal war on the plane of Archeron. Someone who suffered immense, undue pain throughout their life might be taken to Elysium by Ilmater , the broken god. Each of these planes have a wealth of lore to explore with many locations, artifacts, and characters just waiting to be discovered by adventurers.

The Outer Planes provide incredible challenges to anyone that might find themselves drawn there. The creatures that inhabit them harness great powers, be they magical or mundane. You might end up in the Abyss to free an ancient hero or on Ysgard to collect a powerful artifact.

These sorts of quests are often in preparation for, or in reaction to, huge events which could have cataclysmic repercussions throughout the multiverse. The Positive and Negative Energy Planes Very simply, these two planes create the border that holds the entirety of the cosmos together. Like all of the other planes, they are building blocks upon which life can come into existence.

But just as the Outer Planes are more conceptual than the Inner Planes, the Energy Planes are far more conceptual than any of the others. In its current form, The Great Wheel cosmology describes the relationship between the world we adventure in and all other planes.

In the image above, which is the official 5e layout of the Great Wheel, each name represents a plane of existence. At the core of the wheel is the prime material plane, surrounded on either side by the Feywild and Shadowfell. Beyond that lies the Elemental Chaos and the four Elemental Planes. Beyond that still are the Outer Planes, each of which represents a different alignment and core theme. In fact, the only plane that typically resembles a planet in any sense of the word is the prime Material Plane.

Like ants admiring the Great Pyramids of Giza, the many races that live within the multiverse often only speculate at the full breadth of what lies beyond. Someone on the Material Plane might have only heard of other planes as fairy tales, while a wise sage that has travelled the multiverse might just have some small conception of the true layout. In fact, there are probably few cultures that have an understanding of the multiverse as accurate as the Great Wheel.

So, with all of this, there are a lot of other concepts that might come up if you get into talking about the multiverse with some random NPC. The World Tree, based on the norse Yggdrasil, depicts the multiverse as a great interconnected tree. At the trunk is the Material Plane, while the roots and branches connect to the fiendish and celestial Outer Planes respectively. The sea above is the Astral Sea, which holds many of the Outer Planes.

The Elemental Chaos sits below, and at the bottom of that lies The Abyss like a great void. Some believe that there is just One World, a single Material Plane where many strange places like Mt. Olympus and the city of Mechanus are just hard-to-reach locations.

There are many published concepts and many more that have yet to be created by players and DMs just like you. One of the most common ways to travel between planes is by using existing portals. Portals come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they tend to have a few things in common. First, they are often in remote areas that resemble the plane they are attached to.

Second, they will typically be protected by some form of guardian, puzzle, or required key. Getting to go through a portal can be as much of an adventure as what might happen on the other side. Your adventurers will likely spend a great deal of time hunting down leads to find out where the portal is and how to be best prepared for its challenge.

Portals are natural gateways from one plane to another, so they can be subject to all sorts of weird requirements. One portal might only be open on a solstice, while another portal might only appear to those who are pure of heart. It really just depends on what kind of plot hooks you want to set up before jumping to another plane.

It can be found in the same place as the Material Plane, but it also makes contact with all of the other planes of existence. High above the Outlands atop an endless spire is the City of Sigil. Here, in this city that looks out upon the whole of the multiverse, there are countless portals leading to any location in the multiverse.

This is why another name for Sigil is the City of Doors.

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Ethereal plane in 5e. Hello. A few weeks back I was DMing for a group of players and they fought a monster that had the ability to go to and from the ethereal plane with an action. It was an . Jul 13,  · When you are trapped in the ethereal plane, there are no official ways to damage enemies in the material plane, but there are some spells that interact with both planes at a . The Ethereal Plane is the home of ghosts, wraiths and other spectral entities. They float amid the mists, hungrily eyeing the warm energy of those who still live. The Ethereal Plane is also the .